Best Thermal Printer for 4x6 Shipping Labels

Best Thermal Printer for 4x6 Shipping Labels

Best Thermal Printers for 4x6 Shipping Labels

Today we will be looking at the top 4 most popular thermal printers on the market: Rollo, DYMO, MUNBYN, and FreeX Wireless Thermal Printer. This will give us a good range and comparison on what is currently available.

FreeX WiFi SuperRoll 4x6 Thermal Printer

The FreeX thermal printer has recently hit the market and has been gaining a lot of popularity among small businesses and thermal printer users. It has unique features unlike most thermal printers like wireless capabilities and compact design.

FreeX thermal printer is compatible with most shipping platforms, barcodes and marketplaces. FreeX also has built-in SuperRoll label holder which hold up to 600 4x6 shipping labels, unlike any other thermal printer on the market. This makes it super convenient for the user when printing large volumes.


  • WiFi capabilities

  • SuperRoll label holder

  • Good for big volume of printing


  • Could be tricky to set up

  • Wireless printing is slower

Recommendation: Best for big volumes, desire to print wireless, and good for fan fold and roll labels. Get it now at

The Rollo Thermal Printer

The Rollo thermal printer is a good thermal printer for shipping labels. It is a reliable product and a well-known brand. With Rollo's design you can print shipping labels with ease and not worry about jams.

Rollo is compatible with most shipping platforms, barcodes and marketplaces. It has great qualities like fast speed printing, 203 dpi and a good price compared to other thermal printers out there.


  • Compact Design

  • No jams

  • Reliable and well-known brand


  • No label holder

  • No WiFi capabilities

  • Not for high volume jobs

Recommendation: Best for fan fold labels and low volume printing

DYMO LabelWriter 4XL

The DYMO thermal printer has always been on our radar. It has great features and a very nice design. It can printer at higher speed and quality than other thermal printers out there and is very popular among small businesses.

The DYMO is compatible with most shipping platforms, barcodes and marketplaces like all the other thermal printers mentioned in this article. DYMO is on the higher price range so keep that in mind.


  • All in one design

  • Better print quality: 300dpi

  • Good for big volumes


  • Expensive

  • No WiFi capabilities

  • Uses proprietary labels

Recommendation: Best for better print quality and roll labels

MUNBYN Thermal Printer

The MUNBYN thermal printer could be a considered an underdog on the market. It has been gaining more popularity among users. It has a simple design, similar to the Rollo and is known to be reliable for printing shipping labels.

The MUNBYN thermal printer is compatible with most shipping platforms, barcodes and marketplaces. This printer does not have any special features but it is great for beginners who just need to print a few shipping labels once in a while.


  • Small design

  • Non-proprietary labels

  • Comes in different colors


  • No WiFi capabilities

  • Loud when printing

  • No label holder

Recommendation: Best for very small volumes and fan fold labels


All these thermal printers mentioned are great for printing shipping labels but there are some major differences between all of them. Here are my recommendations.

Beginner thermal printer: MUNBYN Thermal Printer due to its simple design and low price.

Big Volume printing: DYMO LabelWriter 4XL due to its all in one design and faster speed and better print quality

Wireless Capabilities and Built-in Roll Labels: FreeX WiFi SuperRoll Thermal Printer due to its compact design and ability to print through WiFi.

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