FreeX WiFi Thermal Printer FAQ - Pre-Sales

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Pre-Sales FAQ

Q1. What are thermal printers? Why no ink?

Thermal printing is a digital printing process that makes images by heating coated  thermal paper. The coating turns black in the areas where it is heated, which produces the image. Thermal printing requires no ink or toner thus saving money in the long run.

Q2. What are thermal printer used for?

Thermal printers are perfect for printing labels such as shipping labels, product labels or even stickers. 

Q3. What differentiates FreeX from its competitors?

The three main features that make FreeX superior from its competitors are that it is wireless and compatible with MacOS (including the latest M1 chip), Windows 11/10/8/7/XP, iOS and Android in beta testing. it has a compact design and it has the SuperRoll label holder which lets you hold more labels than other thermal printer holders. 

Q4. What is the SuperRoll label holder feature?

The SuperRoll label holder makes the FreeX more compact than other thermal printers. It is sized at 7.87x6.84x7.05 inches and it fits 600 labels compared to other label holders that can only hold 450 labels. 

Q5. What types of labels is FreeX compatible with?

FreeX is non proprietary, meaning any direct thermal labels are compatible, this saves money and is more convenient. FreeX will automatically recognize, feed, and adjust to several label sizes ranging from 0.78 to 4.1 inches (20 to 104mm) in width. We do offer our FreeX very own FreeX SuperRoll labels to maximize both label capacity and customer savings. The FreeX will also print up to 300mm at one time.

Q6. Can I use FreeX and print from my phone or tablet?

Yes! We're beta testing wireless iOS and Android printing with free third-party apps. 

Q7. Does FreeX have Bluetooth capabilities?

No, the WiFi connection is far more superior and stable than the traditional Bluetooth connection.

Q8. What command line does FreeX support? TSC? TSPL? ZPL?

FreeX supports TSC and TSPL command but does NOT support ZPL command at the moment. But we're hearing your needs, the ZPL command will be supported in our next batch of mass production.

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