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Works as advertised

I was really impressed with how well it was protected in the package and fast after sales support. Printer was easy to connect to USB.

Bought new

I thankful I bought this printer new. It works so well!

High quality

This printer prints high-quality on very thin and sticky labels that adhere to most services. However, it can be frustrating to print one label quickly sometimes.

Lovely printer indeed

This printer is so fast compared to using my ink jet printer when it comes to printing shipping labels. Set up was a breeze. I highly recommend this printer for small business shipping needs.

Loves it absolutely

Absolutely love my machine!! I’ve been using this machine since October of 2021! It was easy to install and I use it 4-6 times a week

Agree with the positive

I agree with all the positive reviews I read about this product. It’s amazing as heck.

Easy and great

This is a great printer. Prints labels fast, and easy to set up.

Month us

After about a month spent using this machine, I can legitimately consider it to be poor quality. I cleaned the unit every 48 hours, followed all instructions, used different paper models, and it jams half the time. Bad.

We’re sorry to hear that. Please email us to help guide you in the process of getting the most out of your Free X Thermal Printer.

My needs

This printer works so well for my work needs. I get things done quickly with it.

Oh my

This is such an amazing product. I love the price and the fact that it actually prints really well

Such a beaut

This machine is such a beautiful workhorse so to speak. It gets things done. My shipping success has been helped tons because of Free X.


Such a great product. I didn’t know I needed a thermal printer but I’m glad I got one!

I freaking love that

Free X are great at customer service. I freaking love that!

By far

This company is better than all the other thermal printing companies by far. It all starts with the customer service and Free X has that!


Free X is a electronic printing company I stand behind after their customer service treated me so kindly.

Fab replacement given?

Free X s a great company. I got free replacement part after I needed them and they shipped out quickly. The printer is a fabulous investment even without replacements.


The Free X Thermal Printer works like a charm and is not expensive at all. I love it!

Game changer

Absolute game changer!! Y’all, it’s worth every dollar. The printer works so well and gets things done. Better than the rest of the printers I’ve owned.

Double the work!

We absolutely love our Free X which is actually our second one in a year. Now we have one upstairs and one downstairs to do double the work!

Love this game changer

I love this game changing product so much. My printing gets done so fast and we’ll with it.

A beast!

Bought to print postage labels for E-bay sales. After less than twenty minutes out of the box, everything was set up and working. This printer is such a beast!


This product is legendary and works so well. I never knew a thermal printer can be so good.

Great product

Easy to use once setup and I use it through my smartphone with WiFi making it that much better and convenient to use. Highly recommend for small business.

Love This

The printer connects to WiFi so quickly so I can get my work done as a salesman fast!

A must buy

The shipping and price of this printer is everything. A must buy for all printing needs.