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Works easily

This product is so easy for someone like me to use. I’m not too into printers but even I could understand how to function it

Grade A

The executive formation of this device is grade A. I love it with all my heart

The bomb woohoo

Free X is so easy for me to use. I'm 43 years old and I can use it greatly with no help.


Such a beautiful machine that works so good. Compared to the competition this printer is way better!

Wow, great

It takes this printer just 30 seconds to assemble! It works so good and fast too!

We love it

The printer provides ease of access and chill vibes for working alone. My son loves the device too.

Bad, yep

The printer takes forever to hook up to WiFi and costs and arm and a leg tbh. Bad it is!


The Free X printer is an amazing buy for a lessor price than their competitors. It looked and worked as great as the competition. The price was the main factor in buying this!

No issues

This is a really nice product. Setup was simple and took no real effort and it's been working for a few months without issue.

Can’t get enough

The machine itself I believe is a great little must have for small business.

Bought this

Bought this to print postage labels for E-bay sales. After less than twenty minutes out of the box, everything was set up and working. Great buy!

Sooooo great

Such a great printer. The WiFi capability is wonderful and works so good every time

Quality of this…

The overall quality of the printer is nice and really does the job for what I was looking for. If I get a new job I may have to buy a second one. I was mad it came a little roughed up though. I’m over that now.

Can I call this sturdy? Lol

This printer is very sturdy, and very compact which is great. It's also big enough that it gets any printing job done for small or big labels. I highly recommend this thing

Fairly easy set up

The printer was fairly easy to set up and keep working right. I would highly recommend this if you are planning to have fast prints that are extremely well made.

This product tho!

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS PRODUCT! I never once had any problem with the printing. I may buy a third one!!!

This printer!!!

The Free X printer is a sturdy, compact little printer with a great design for travel convenience if need be!

Great times 2!

Great printer and great shipping from the company

Son and I are happy

My son and I have become so happy with this product. We love it for all our printing needs

My First Wireless Thermal Label Printer 🖨✅

I really like it and I print 100% wireless. It’s good quality and fast. I highly recommend it. I was reading some bad reviews about the setup instruction but after I done it and followed the exact manual instruction I found that it was easy and simple and it works great✅✅.


There are so much pros and cons with this printer. I love how compact it is and how it utilizes WiFi but sometimes it doesn’t print well at all. Maybe it’s just my machine?

Great prints

I didn't know much about thermal printers before this one and I must say it's way better than others I have researched.

The best?

I've been using this printer since the day it was released and I have to say that it might just be the best printer ever

The free x is…

The free X is the perfect size for my apartment and for work. I looked everywhere for a printer this good and compact and finally found one!

So unique and easy

Unique, great and easy to set up for my printing needs!