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Love this game changer

I love this game changing product so much. My printing gets done so fast and we’ll with it.

A beast!

Bought to print postage labels for E-bay sales. After less than twenty minutes out of the box, everything was set up and working. This printer is such a beast!


This product is legendary and works so well. I never knew a thermal printer can be so good.

Great product

Easy to use once setup and I use it through my smartphone with WiFi making it that much better and convenient to use. Highly recommend for small business.

Love This

The printer connects to WiFi so quickly so I can get my work done as a salesman fast!

A must buy

The shipping and price of this printer is everything. A must buy for all printing needs.


This printer is such a cool and useful device. I can’t get enough of it and how well it prints.


Really liked it. Great if traveling. Easy to use, just buy it people!


This is a cool idea, especially for traveling when you need to print. Easy to put together as well. Super compact!


I like how easy the setup and how fast it works right out of the box.

Easy peasy

Sooo much easier than the old printer I use to have!

The device is ace

This printer is pure ace and works better than anything I’ve used in the last couple of years. Great job Free X!

Design is…

The design of this device is top notch and works like a charm. I had the Dynamo or whatever it’s called and that was bad.

All pros

I can’t find any cons with this printer at all. That’s amazing as heck!

Just great

The printer works fast and for a long time. I had mine for about a year now and it works just like it has when I first got it.

All pros

This printer has so many pros to it. It works like a charm. I can’t think of any cons tbh.


This printer is a godsend. It works amazingly well and not very expensive at all. Compared to its competitors I like Free X the best!

Gimme more

I’m thinking of buying another one because it works so good

Life made easier

This printer has made life so much easier. My work looks awesome and my packages get sent out always on time.

Bought many

I have bought many printers but this thermal printer is by far the best

Easy to work and move

I love the size of this product. It's perfect for my desk and work habits. It's easy to move too which is super nice.

So dang good

I have had no issues with the Free X Thermal Printer. It works fast and like a charm. It’s a beautiful device that works so well.

FreeX Power Brick and Cable
Hope J.
Great value

This is a great value for being such an awesome product and all. Works so well.

So glad I found this

I’m so glad I found the Free X printer on review sites. Such a good investment

Barely any trouble

I barely even ever have trouble using Free X Thermal printer. I love that.