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I am so happy I decided to buy this printer. It's the best one I've ever bought.

So amazing

The Free X printer works so good. All my prints come out amazingly.

Top notch

The printing control of this printer is very top notch

Love this

The Free X printer works so well and quick as heck too


This Free X printer works so great. I prints out super fast and can take WiFi which I love. The competition can't compete with it

I love it

I love this darn printer so dang much

Zero issues

These labels are consistently great! Our brand/ company of choice for many years with zero complaints.

Cake after a little stumble

So here’s what I learned. First off, when you hook up your printer, odds are it will not automatically include the necessary driver and not does it come with it on a CD or pen drive. My first clue was the fact that my computer recognized the printer but not “as” a printer, after that it is cake to get it working.

Tell everyone

I absolutely love my printer! It was super easy to setup and makes the packaging process for my orders so easy. I’ve already recommended this to my business owner friends!

Good for small businesses

Good for small businesses like mine, wireless printing is slow though.

Can't get enough

Very reliable printer been using it for months and can't get enough.

Good even with 3rd party devices

The print quality is good. Works with third party paper. Easy to use.

Easy to handle

These are absolutely phenomenal! We use these labels on food products that occasionally are subject to hot and cold cycles. They hold up to moisture and freezing temperatures phenomenally! Easy to handle and look great!

I love it

First Thermal printer i own and i love it

So helpful

I loved that Free X tech support was so damn helpful. They know how to help you if you want it. Don't be afraid to contact them online if you need help.

I love everything about this printer, works great and fast

I love everything about this printer, works great and fast

The WiFi ugh

Easy to set up. Compatible with Pirateship(which is why I got it). Sometimes it's hard to connect the WiFi though but this thing is amazing


HELLO THESE LABELS ARE JUST PERFECT FOR OUR MACHINE. I am so glad I found these online. 600 thermal labels is a steal from this price.

6k packages

We ship 6,000 packages a month and we need a good label at a good price and Free X delivered. They are so easy to tear and come with 600.

Guide isn't needed tbh

Initially when I opened this and started setting it up, I was very upset. It comes with a quick set up guide that most people probably wouldn’t even need. That's hot easy it is to set up.

Buy Free X

This label printer was on my wishlist until my husband finally bought it for my birthday. I was very impressed with the neat packaging and simple instructions. Setting it up was so easy, I actually didn’t even need to use the manual. I use it daily for my small business and it is truly the best addition. I use a Mac computer so I had to purchase a separate USB-Type C adapter to connect it. It works seamlessly with my Shopify store! Great buy! Buy Free X!

So easy

This label printer is surprisingly easy to use, sits unobtrusively at the corner of my desk, and it's reliable! Quite a few printers I've used over the years work sometimes, or work for a while, but this baby just works perfectly every time with no annoying hiccups. Granted I only need it a few times a week, but when I do, its super easy and super reliable. Return address labels are the easiest I've ever had, just open the app, select the label, hit print and voila! What more can I say. Try it, you'll like it!

5 stars without a doubt

Easy connection and print quality is the best. Great product. 5 star product without a doubt.