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Not as hard

The print quality is good, it was easy to install. I have never used a thermal printer but for a first time buy I appreciate how easy it is to use.

Still love it

This machine is killing it! Prints my labels in seconds and you only have to buy the labels never buy the expensive ink cartridge like other printers, I absolutely love this little machine fits just about anywhere. My only complaint is I wish it has Bluetooth so I could use my phone as I run a small business through my phone but I still love the product.

Hey Ericka, we just launched the free update to support phone printing. Please check our quick start guide step 3.2 for details.

Fast, and reliable to ship out to multiple addresses.

I ordered five for my different stores, they were all shipped out the same day.

Eventually works for me lol

This printer looks nice--and that's all it does. In the time I spent fiddling around with it, it printed ONE test page. I installed it, uninstalled, restarted the computer, the printer, everything. What a complete piece of useless junk. It makes a nice paperweight. That said I eventually got someone to make it work for me and now I love it lol.

Glad you made our FreeX printer work for you :)

FreeX review

This is a solid shipping label printer for all your shipping needs. I got it with the 600 FreeX labels. It does just what I need it to do. Great decision!

Everyone is our shipping dept is connected and happy

I love this printer so much I bought a second one for my shipping dept. easy setup, no toner or ink cartridges to buy. Small footprint on my desk. Worth every penny!

Great for offices

Print quality is good and love the color! It's compact so it doesn't take much space in my office which I absolutely LOVE! All people in the same office can share it wirelessly.

If you want to print labels from sofa like me!

I love this printer, easy to use, great quality! I use it to print address labels to ship jewelry to my clients. Highly recommended if you want to print labels from sofa like me!

Don't second guess

Sturdy, small and very affordable. I mean 3 months ago I still was using ink printed labels. Its funny to think after using this little printer.
Do not second guess the purchase. It's amazing

Buy now

Why did I wait so long to have one of these?

It works

Works better than more expensive printers. Prints come out great quality. Looks great in my office. All-in-one design is such a plus.

Can't get enough

Very reliable printer been using it for months and can't get enough.

One full month so far

I love the printer. I have used it every day for 4 weeks and worths so well still. I won't return it as planned.

Good little printer

Good little printer for your small business if you send a lot of packages out. The only difficulty was trying to format the proper label size. You need to change it in the site you’re using to create the label. You can’t simply change it on your printer settings. Or maybe I'm just doing it wrong.

Please last. It's amazing

Hoping it will last but I will update if anything goes wrong with it.

Not a big deal

I had a bit of trouble setting it up but I've been using this printer for several months with no problems!!! I use it all the time for my business and it works great!!! I definitely recommend.


I like the fact that it doesn't use ink but the printing is inconsistent. Sometimes it will print correctly then sometimes print some parts of the label incomplete. I need to reset the label sometimes

Hey Jennifer, please follow the Q8.1 on the after-sales FAQ to resolve the issue you described.

I like it

Good printer for a good price. Labels is needed though constantly. I like it

Produced labels fast

Easy to install the rolls of labels.

Easy, so easy

Love how easy it is to print wirelessly. It prints labels so clearly for my business!

Great printer, I loved it!

Wireless 4x6 shipping label printing is amazing with this