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Great value

This is a great value for being such an awesome product and all. Works so well.

A must buy

The shipping and price of this printer is everything. A must buy for all printing needs.

Fast and easy

I've seen other reviews claiming this was hard to install, but on my PC it was cake. I just opened the file folder from the included drive and downloaded it. Took me a couple tries to get it to print, but that's because I had to configure the paper settings. Now, it works like a charm! While setup to print took about 20 minutes. Fast and easy.

Convenient and easy to use

Took a little fiddling to understand how to set it up but once it got running it was real easy to use. It’s really convenient to use and prints things pretty fast, so it saves quite a lot of time.

Grade A

The executive formation of this device is grade A. I love it with all my heart

No issues

This is a really nice product. Setup was simple and took no real effort and it's been working for a few months without issue.

Save money on ink

Even the it can be costly, which kinda suck but overall I am satisfied with my Free X printer. Save lots of money on ink. I after setting up my new Free X Printer, had an issue that had nothing to do with the printer. I wasn't sure what to do to resolve my problem. I decided to reach out to the Free X support team. We had some difficulty connecting at first due to my schedule. The Free X Support team was relentless. I must have received 6 or 7 emails from support wanting to resolve my problem. We finally connected the next evening. Problem fixed in minutes. Shout out to the support team for their relentless desire to help keep my business flowing smoothly. Great Job guys! I love that it's wireless! WiFi wireless printing is the way to go!


Wi-Fi connection is pain to establish. I was able to connect my windows laptop to it but not my MacBook even tried multiple times. No way to print from phone. My 50$ canon printer findable from any device but that thing is like from 90th

Great prints

I didn't know much about thermal printers before this one and I must say it's way better than others I have researched.

The best thermal printer I’ve ever owned.

Great product. Super fast printing, and awesome customer service. If I could I would rank it 10 stars.

High quality

This printer prints high-quality on very thin and sticky labels that adhere to most services. However, it can be frustrating to print one label quickly sometimes.


This printer works like a charm. I tend to have difficulty with these things but I didn’t with Free X

Loves it absolutely

Absolutely love my machine!! I’ve been using this machine since October of 2021! It was easy to install and I use it 4-6 times a week

Prints fast and saves me so much time and money.

This thing prints fast and saves me so much time and money. Better than Rollo

My needs

This printer works so well for my work needs. I get things done quickly with it.

This machine…

The machine is very easy to use and easy to operate. No additional software is required. And it looks good.

Would give 10 stars

Buying this printer was a game changer for my small business. Easy to install, easy to use and the printing quality is 5 stars. I give this product and company 10 stars if I could


This printer has been absolutely great! Easy to set up and very affordable! Thank you all sooo much!!

Tell everyone

I absolutely love my printer! It was super easy to setup and makes the packaging process for my orders so easy. I’ve already recommended this to my business owner friends!


This printer is so fast compared to using my ink jet printer when it comes to printing shipping labels. Set up was a breeze. I highly recommend this printer for small business shipping needs.

No additional…

The machine is very easy to use and easy to operate. No additional software is required. And it looks good.

Can't get enough

Very reliable printer been using it for months and can't get enough.