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Bad, yep

The printer takes forever to hook up to WiFi and costs and arm and a leg tbh. Bad it is!

Hello Brad,

Thank you for sharing your thoughts, and I'm genuinely sorry to hear about the frustration you're experiencing with the WiFi setup and cost concerns. It’s clear that your experience hasn’t met the expectations we strive for and I understand the annoyance this has brought.

Your specific comments about the WiFi connection are noted, and I’d love to offer direct assistance to hopefully resolve this matter for you. Could you please reach out to me at Let's make things right for you. Your insights also give us the chance to re-evaluate and make necessary enhancements to our products.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention, Brad. Your input is crucial for us to continuously improve.


Bought this

Bought this to print postage labels for E-bay sales. After less than twenty minutes out of the box, everything was set up and working. Great buy!

Barely any trouble

I barely even ever have trouble using Free X Thermal printer. I love that.

Trash... kinda? Nope

This printer is amazing. No proper instructions tho, the ones they do give you make no sense to me lol. Very easy to install at. Just amazing. The labels I bought with them are really good too. I guess you get what you buy with the price and I got something great.

No brainer

I needed an inexpensive thermal printer for my shipping labels. This one is perfect. I love not having to worry about buying ink. Thermal labels are cheap enough that this printer is a no brainer for anyone that prints a lot of shipping labels.

If there’s anything we can do to upgrade your experience, let us know. Thanks.

No jam

This product is awesome for the price and its a definite upgrade from taping on paper labels. Its very easy to use and doesn’t jam up.

Bought new

I thankful I bought this printer new. It works so well!

Impressed with the printer

The Free X tech support people were very pro-active, following up on our concerns and results without prompting (WOW!). Impressed with the printer and Support!

Quality of this…

The overall quality of the printer is nice and really does the job for what I was looking for. If I get a new job I may have to buy a second one. I was mad it came a little roughed up though. I’m over that now.

Amazing! I bought…

Amazing! I bought this product and have had great customer service with my issues! The printer works fantastic!

Good thing?

This is a great product except for the fact that only came with a card to start up quick. I had to go to the link provided for help, which thank god is given to us. You have to reset the machine. Download adobe PDF in order to print with the driver in a correct manner.

If you need anymore assistance in the future, do not be afraid to email us Madeline.

Glad I found it for less

I love this product. I’m glad I found it for less from the refurbished!

Unparalleled Quality in WiFi Printing

Was using a Rollo before but the Freex has better printing quality and its wireless is WiFi. Cant beat that! The Rollo needs a USB.


There are so much pros and cons with this printer. I love how compact it is and how it utilizes WiFi but sometimes it doesn’t print well at all. Maybe it’s just my machine?

We love it

The printer provides ease of access and chill vibes for working alone. My son loves the device too.

Love this

The Free X printer works so well and quick as heck too

Not too easy to set up

This printer doesn't set up easily at all or my laptop is too advanced

Hey Morgan. We sent you tips to help with setting up to your email.


If you’re looking for a label printer for your small business this is the one. I had to look through so many label printer and finally decided to get this one.

Good for small businesses

Good for small businesses like mine, wireless printing is slow though.

The best?

I've been using this printer since the day it was released and I have to say that it might just be the best printer ever

5 stars!!!!!!!

Labels are perfect for what we need them for. My only complaint is the last 5-10 at the end of the roll are unusable because they have wrinkles in them. Other than that, they’re great!!

Son and I are happy

My son and I have become so happy with this product. We love it for all our printing needs