FreeX WiFi SuperRoll Thermal Printer for 4x6 Shipping Labels | White, Wireless Shipping Labels Printer | Works with Zebra, Brother, Dymo Labelwriter 4XL, Rollo, Munbyn, MFlabel, Comer, Polono Labels
[Refurbished] FreeX WiFi SuperRoll Thermal Printer for 4x6 Shipping Label and More
[Refurbished] FreeX WiFi SuperRoll Thermal Printer for 4x6 Shipping Label and More
[Refurbished] FreeX WiFi SuperRoll Thermal Printer for 4x6 Shipping Label and More
[Refurbished] FreeX WiFi SuperRoll Thermal Printer for 4x6 Shipping Label and More
[Refurbished] FreeX WiFi SuperRoll Thermal Printer for 4x6 Shipping Label and More

[Refurbished] FreeX WiFi SuperRoll Thermal Printer for 4x6 Shipping Label and More

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FreeX, the WORLD'S BEST WIRELESS thermal printer for macOS, Windows, iOS, and Android: Print 4x6 shipping labels via WiFi at any time for both Windows and macOS, and iOS and Android systems! No ink, no cords, no hassle!

Refurbished UnitsLimited Quantity In Stock. First come first serve. New orders for refurbished units will be shipped out in 1-5 business days due to ultra-high demand at the moment.

Please note: Reconditioned units have the same 30-day money-back guarantee.

So What Is A Reconditioned Unit?

These FreeX units are sold as new and then returned under our 30-day policy. Eligible units and parts are reconditioned and tested to verify they meet original specifications.

What About Shipping?

Due to a limited quantity, we ship out within 1 business day from our L.A. warehouse. Reconditioned units will be delivered via FedEx Ground within 2-5 business days domestically.

What Should I Know Before Buying?

All reconditioned units are carefully inspected, tested, and properly sanitized to meet factory standards before they're shipped out.

Since these units have been gently used there may be slight cosmetic defects to a reconditioned FreeX.

As a part of the FreeX green initiative, we also ship all of our reconditioned units in recycled packaging to reduce wasting twice loved materials.

Having some concerns about any of the above? No worries, a new unit may be the right fit for you! 

BUILT-IN SUPERROLL LABEL HOLDER: FreeX comes with a built-in SuperRoll label holder packing in a whopping 600 pieces of 4x6 shipping labels.

HIGHLY COMPACT ALL-IN-ONE DESIGN Designed for a compact fit in any home or office, FreeX with a built-in SuperRoll holder is sized comfortably at 7.87x6.84x7.05 inch (200x173.5x179 mm)

UNPARALLELED PRODUCTIVITY, QUALITY, & RELIABILITY Industry-leading high-speed printing at up to 170 mm/s with the highest commercial-grade 203 dpi printing resolution available. Unmatched Printing Lifespan: 492,126 ft (150 km), which is 50.3% more length than the leading competitor.

ULTIMATE SMART COMPATIBILITY FreeX thermal printer will automatically recognize, feed, and adjust to several types of labels ranging from 0.78 to 4.1 inches (20 to 104 mm) width. Compatible with all major shipping platforms including USPS, FedEx, UPS, ShipStation, ShippingEasy, Shippo, ShipWorks, and marketplaces including Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Shopify, BigCommerce, and more! Works for all popular barcode types.

FreeX printer doesn't come with labels, purchase your FreeX SuperRoll label here

Package Includes:

x1 FreeX USB SuperRoll Thermal Printer

x1 Power Adapter (buy a replacement here)

x1 USB Cable (buy a replacement here)

Ships out on the same business day if you place your order by 5 pm EST. Order Now!

Customer Reviews

Based on 138 reviews
Thomas H.
Installed easily

Driver installed easy. Much better than other thermal printers

Katherine B.
Best one

This one was the most affordable one and best one at that.

Vanessa B.
Stop errors

I’ve given a lot of thought before buying this. I would never forget the first time I printed out a label. Super fast, great print quality, easy to use. Auto detection and adjust features prevent you from making errors. Turns off randomly sometimes tho lol

david c.
No problems here

I had a bit of trouble setting it up but I've been using this printer for several months with no problems!!! I use it all the time for my business and it works great!!! I definitely recommend.

Maksim D.

Wi-Fi connection is pain to establish. I was able to connect my windows laptop to it but not my MacBook even tried multiple times. No way to print from phone. My 50$ canon printer findable from any device but that thing is like from 90th

John m.S.
Prints fast and saves me so much time and money.

This thing prints fast and saves me so much time and money. Better than Rollo

Lokana R.
Would give 10 stars

Buying this printer was a game changer for my small business. Easy to install, easy to use and the printing quality is 5 stars. I give this product and company 10 stars if I could

Patrick B.
No additional…

The machine is very easy to use and easy to operate. No additional software is required. And it looks good.

Sandra D.
Can't get enough

Very reliable printer been using it for months and can't get enough.

Michelle W.
Guide isn't needed tbh

Initially when I opened this and started setting it up, I was very upset. It comes with a quick set up guide that most people probably wouldn’t even need. That's hot easy it is to set up.