FreeX WiFi Thermal Printer FAQ - After Sales

If you have any questions Pre-Sales please visit to Pre- Sales FAQ Page

After-Sales FAQ

    Q0. If you encounter any unexpected issue at any time, please simply factory reset the FreeX.

    1. Power on
    2. Open the lid
    3. Press the "Feed" button for a FULL 20 seconds while the lid is OPEN (You should hear a LONGER beep when it's reset)
    4. Restart FreeX

    Q0.1 If the red light keeps flashing after a completed factory reset action above please follow these simple steps.

    1. Connect FreeX printer via USB
    2. Open the lid
    3. Take out labels
    4. Close the lid
    5. Open Toolbox software
    6. Click on "FreeX Setup"
    7. Select the "Location" tab, and click the second "Learn". (Please make sure there's no label inside the printer)

    Q1. Why won't my FreeX thermal printer connect wirelessly?

    • When setting up the WIFI, did you make sure the SSID and password were correct and case sensitive?  

    • At the end of the completed WiFi configuration, a label of three lines of information (rather than the label of four lines as above) should be automatically printed out (as shown below). Usually the locally configured IP is different than the factory default
    • If you didn't get the three-liner label, it means the WiFi configuration is incomplete, please follow all details on step 2 of our quick start guide.

    Q2. How to print out a label in correct size?

    • Make sure your printer has labels loaded
    • Pull up your label on your computer

    • Click "File" and "Print"

    • For "Printer" select FreeX however you have it saved in this case FreeX_Wireless

    • For "Paper Size" select 4x6 or 100x150mm

    • Then click "Print"
    • The label should print out immediately when connected with USB and within 15 seconds when printing wireless

    Q2.1 If you see unrecognizable om/oe paper size on Chrome browser on MacOS, how to create a custom 4x6 label?

              Step 1: Click on more settings and select "print using system dialog"


             Step 2: Select paper size


           Step 3: Select manage custom size

    Q3. How to crop the 4x6 label from paper of other sizes

    • Download Adobe Acrobat and follow the steps in the pictures


    Q4. How to print in more contrast?

    For better printing  contrast, please follow this video starting from 18:56.

    Q5. How to refill labels? 

    Option 1: Labels in rolls 

    • Press the two gray knobs on each side of the printer towards you and the lid will open. Lift it up. 
    • Inside you will see gray SuperRoll label holder 
    • On the left side of the label holder there is a switch, press it down
    • The label holder will spring together
    • Grab your label roll and make sure the sticky part is right side up, then fit the roll between the label holder and make sure it it aligned properly  with the holes 
    • Grab the first label and put it underneath the two gray pieces. This aligns the label properly and holds them in place as they come out 
    • Close the lid
    • An empty label will come out, this is to align the next label perfectly 
    • Now you are ready to print

    Option 2: For folded labels 

    • Place your folded labels behind your printer
    • Now open the lid by pushing the two gray knobs on each side of the printer towards you
    • Make sure the label holder is in place, by checking that the switch on the left of the label holder is pushed up 
    • Now feed the first label through the slit on the back of the printer 
    • Make sure the label is underneath the two gray pieces at the front. 
      This aligns the label properly and holds them inn place as they come out 
    • Close the lid
    • An empty label will come out, this is to align the next label perfectly 
    • Now you are ready to print 

    Q6. Why does a label come out every time you turn on the printer?

    When you turn the printer off and on, an empty label will come out because the printer finds the beginning of a new label so it is ready to go and print. We recommend keeping the printer on so no label are wasted.   

    Try restarting your printer. Turn the printer off and on and try connecting again.

    Q7. Why did the label come out blank?

    There are a few reasons for this: 

    • A blank label comes out when you reload the printer with new labels
    • Your labels could be loaded upside down
    • You may be using the wrong labels, make sure they are direct thermal labels 

    Q8. Why isn't my label completely printed? Why is it cut off?

    You need to make sure you set the right paper size when printing your label. It should be 4x6 or 100x150mm. 

    Q8.1 Why do my labels print uneven?

    • Open the lid of your printer
    • Apply equal pressure to both sides of the printer head located in the top of the printer opposite of the roller and push inward
    • Wipe any dust or adhesive that may have gotten stuck to it   

    Q9. Why does the printer keep beeping?

    • The printer will keep beeping when the lid is open
    • The printer will keep beeping when the label holder is empty 

    Q10. What to do if FreeX couldn't auto calibrate the feeding? How to reset the feeding?

    Try holding down the feed button for 5-10 seconds and see if it will calibrate for you.

    If you have any further questions, please send emails to!