Head to Head: Rollo Label Printer vs. FreeX WiFi SuperRoll Thermal Printer

Head to Head: Rollo Label Printer vs. FreeX WiFi SuperRoll Thermal Printer

Rollo vs FreeX

Today we will be comparing two thermal printers. The Rollo Thermal Label Printer and the FreeX Wireless SuperRoll Thermal Printer.

The Rollo is a fan favorite that has been around for a while and the FreeX is a brand new product that's been gaining a lot of hype in the tech world.

Let's see who wins this head-to-head. We will look at their features, design and overall performance. Let's see if FreeX can live up to it's hype and beat the cult favorite Rollo.

Rollo Thermal Label Printer

Starting with the Rollo Thermal Label Printer. This printer is very well-known in the industry and can be considered the leading competitor as it has been out on the market for a while now and has gained a lot of fans over time.

It has great performance and a reasonable price, but it lacks some of the new technology and features that could be important to some. Rollo is known for its slick design and reliability. Let's examine some of its biggest pros and cons.

Biggest Pros

  • Non proprietary labels, meaning any direct thermal labels are compatible, which saves costs and adds convenience

  • Compatible with any shipping platform, this is perfect for small business owners

  • Reasonable price and well known

  • Simple and quick installation

Biggest Cons

  • No wireless WiFi label printing

  • No label holder, has to purchase separately, adds an extra cost and more room on your desk

  • Not the best quality of printing

FreeX WiFi SuperRoll Thermal Printer

Now to the FreeX Wireless SuperRoll Thermal Printer. FreeX is new on the market and not as well known as the Rollo, however, it has some game changing features that the Rollo and many other thermal printers do not have. FreeX has been gaining a lot of hype and we'd like to see if its performance and quality lives up to it.

Starting with its design, FreeX is completely different to the Rollo. FreeX has an all in one design and the SuperRoll label holder which let's you hold up to 600 4x6 labels. This saves you time on constantly reloading and you don't need a separate label holder on the outside of the printer which takes up even more space.

The biggest difference between the Rollo and FreeX is that FreeX comes with a wireless feature, which allows you to print from anywhere as long as your laptop and the printer are connected to the Wifi. This is a huge advantage, which makes printing super easy and on the go. Now, let's check out some of the pros and cons to the FreeX thermal printer.

Biggest Pros

  • FreeX is wireless which lets you print from anywhere effortlessly

  • FreeX is compatible with any shipping labels, giving more freedom to the users and saving money

  • FreeX can be used for home use, small business use, and even commercial use

  • Compact design that can hold up to 600 labels

Biggest Cons

  • Wireless can be hard to set you, but instructional videos are available

  • Printing wireless takes a few seconds longer than when connected by USB

Comparison Table


FreeX Thermal Printer

Rollo Thermal Printer





All in one, labels inside, SuperRoll label holder up to 600 4x6 labels

Labels on the outside, can buy label holder separate to put behind printer (extra cost)



USB for MacOS, Windows

WiFi: Wireless for MacOS, Windows


USB for MacOS, Windows

Printing Speed


170 mm/s

150 mm/s




Non-proprietary, meaning any direct thermal labels are compatible


Non proprietary, meaning any direct thermal labels are compatible



Any shipping platforms, any bar codes

Any shipping platforms, any bar codes

Printing Quality

203 dpi printing resolution

203 dpi printing resolution


Free shipping and return within 30 days

1 year warranty

1 year warranty


Final Thoughts

Overall, when it comes to performance, quality of printing, and compatibilities FreeX and Rollo are quite similar if not the same, however, there are two main differences between the two.

The first big difference is the design. Although the Rollo might look smaller on the first glance, it's design does not include a label holder. If you were to purchase one (at extra cost) or put the labels behind the printer, it takes up more space all together than the FreeX. Due to the SuperRoll label holder, FreeX has a more compact design than the Rollo and holds the labels inside rather than on the outside.

Now for the biggest advantage of the FreeX, its wireless capabilities. FreeX frees you from the USB wire and let's you print from any location, and the Rollo cannot do that. All in all, we say the FreeX definitely lives up to the hype and it is a clear winner over the Rollo Label Printer. 

Winner: FreeX WiFi SuperRoll Thermal Printer 

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