How Do I Connect To a Wireless Thermal Printer?

How Do I Connect To a Wireless Thermal Printer?

How do I connect to a wireless thermal printer?

Getting a wireless thermal printer is a huge step up in your printing game. Now you can print with no physical connection. Even though this is a huge benefit, setting up can be a little intimidating.

There is no single way to connect your thermal wireless printer, it all depends on which one you are using. Most companies like FreeX, Brother or Zebra will have a step by step on how to set up the thermal printer wireless which are pretty simple to follow, but I will try to explain the basic way the connection works and how to do it.

The Main Steps

1. Connect the printer to your Mac or Windows

 This is the first step in establishing the wireless connection between your computer and your printer. This should be pretty universal no matter which printer you go with. Most thermal printers like the FreeX WiFi SuperRoll thermal printer are compatible with both Mac and Windows so whatever you are using you will have to adjust. FreeX has a great Quick Start Guide that would be very helpful for this process.

Connect your WiFi printer to Mac

Step #1: In the Apple menu, select System Preferences then Printers & Scanners.

Step #2: Click Add and your computer will search for a new printer.

Step #3: Select the printer that you are trying to connect and click Add.

Step #4: Install any software you are asked to do and follow the steps

Connect your Bluetooth printer to Mac

  • If both your computer and printer have Bluetooth enabled you should be ready to print

  • All printers have different set up procedures so check the manual to get step by step instructions

Connect your WiFi printer to Windows 10

Step #1: Go to the Start Menu and click Settings, Devices, then Printers & Scanners.

Step #2: Select Add a printer or scanner and wait for your printer to appear in the list then select Add device.

Step #3: If your printer is not found select the printer that isn't listed and continue from there

Connect your Bluetooth printer to Windows 10

  • To enable Bluetooth, click the notification icon in the bottom-right corner of the screen and check that Bluetooth is turned on

  • All printers have different set up instructions for Bluetooth so check with the manual 

2. Set up the IP address

This step is crucial to connect the printer to your laptop wireless. This step also varies with each manufacturer. Here are the basic steps.

Mac IP Address Connection

Step #1: From the Apple menu, go to System preferences, Printers & Scanners, then Add

Step #2: Click IP and enter the printer information

Step #3: For IP address type in the IP address

Step #4: For Protocol pick whatever your specific printer needs you to pick

Step #5: Leave Queue blank

Step #6: For Device Name type whatever name you want for your printer

Step #7: Location helps you identify the printer later on

Step #8: For Use select the software that you are using with the printer, this will vary depending on the brand you are using

Windows IP Address Connection

Step #1: Click the Search icon at the bottom left of your screen and type in 'control panel'

Step #2: Select the Control panel and click View devices and printers under Hardware and sound

Step #3: Click Add a printer and then The printer that I want isn't listed 

Step #4: Check the box Add a printer using a TCP/IP address or hostname then click Next

Step #5: Enter the printer's IP address into the 'Hostname or IP address' field and click Next

Step #6: Follow the rest of the steps to finish the set-up


These steps are very broad and not specific to any manufacturer so they might not work for all wireless thermal printers but they should give you an idea what to do when setting up. I recommend going to the specific guide for the printer you get and following the steps there to get the best results.

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