Is A Thermal Printer Really Worth It?

Is A Thermal Printer Really Worth It?

Is a thermal printer really worth it?

With thermal printing becoming more and more popular you may be wondering if it's a good investment and if its worth purchasing your own. The simple answer is absolutely yes but let us give you a better perspective on why thermal printers are so good and worth every penny.


There are so many advantages to a thermal printer that make it worth the price. So of the most important ones are that a thermal printer adds convenience, it saves a lot of money overtime, it has high speed printing which is great for printing big volumes, it is more durable than other printers, and it operates quietly. 


The biggest advantage of a thermal printer is how much easier printing becomes. It adds so much convenience since the labels come out fast, the perfect size and all you need to do it peel it off and stick it on. No more printing them of regular sized papers, then cutting them out and taping them on. There are also printers like the FreeX thermal printer that have wireless capabilities. This makes it even more convenient for its users since you can print through the WiFi connection and not a USB cord.

Cut Cost Over Time

Even though thermal printers are an investment at first, they save a lot of cost overtime. You do not need to purchase ink or toner, and those costs add up. Even though thermal paper is more expensive than normal printing paper, you can find very affordable thermal paper online if your printer is non-proprietary like the FreeX WiFi SuperRoll Thermal Printer.

High speed printing

Next thing that makes purchasing a thermal printer worth it is how quickly they print. If you have a lot to print in a short period of time, or a high volume of labels to print, then it is the perfect solution for you. The normal speed for thermal printer is about 150mm/s but there are some printers that have higher speed like the FreeX Thermal printer which prints at 170mm/s.

More durable

Thermal printers are way more durable than regular printers because they have a simpler design and less moving parts.This means a thermal printer will likely last you way longer and you won't have to replace it as soon as a regular printer.

Quiet operations

Lastly, thermal printers are way more quiet than regular printers. If the noise of printing bothers you or if you are printing a lot in volume and don't want to be bothered, a thermal printer is a better route for you.


Overall, there are so many advantages to thermal printers. If you are printing a lot of shipping labels, this is definitely an amazing investment and totally worth it.

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