How to Print 4x6 Shipping Labels on MacOS (Intel/M1 Chip) wirelessly?

For MacOS,

Please make sure you've configured the WiFi setting for your FreeX thermal printer from the first step of quick start guide, and then proceed.

    1: Download (backup download link) and Install the FreeX Driver (If you haven't yet)

    2: Get the Latest IP Address of FreeX

    Turn the printer off and on, then the printer will beep. Within a minute a label should print out with the WiFi connection details, the printer is now connected to your WiFi. The information on the label gives you the IP address that will be used shorty

     3: Connect the FreeX printer to your MacOS wirelessly

    • Go to "System Preferences," and click "Printers and Scanners"
    • Click "+" to add a new printer 
    • A new window will pop up, at the top of it click "IP"
    • Then in the "Address" type in the IP address from the printed piece of paper you got
    • Make sure in "Protocol," "HP Jetdirect- Socket" is selected 
    • For the "Name" pick whatever you would like for example FreeX_Wireless 
    • For "Use" pick "Select Software" and pick "FreeX Thermal Printer"
    • Click "Add" and now the printer is added and you are ready to print wirelessly