How to Print 4x6 Shipping Labels on MacOS (Intel/M1 Chip) wirelessly?

For MacOS,

Please make sure you've configured the WiFi setting for your FreeX thermal printer from the first step of quick start guide, and then proceed.

    1: Download (backup download link) and Install the FreeX Driver (If you haven't yet)

    2: Get the Latest IP Address of FreeX

    Turn the printer off and on, then the printer will beep. Within a minute a label should print out with the WiFi connection details, the printer is now connected to your WiFi. The information on the label gives you the IP address that will be used shorty

     3: Connect the FreeX printer to your MacOS wirelessly

    • Go to "System Preferences," and click "Printers and Scanners"
    • Click "+" to add a new printer 
    • A new window will pop up, at the top of it click "IP"
    • Then in the "Address" type in the IP address from the printed piece of paper you got
    • Make sure in "Protocol," "HP Jetdirect- Socket" is selected 
    • For the "Name" pick whatever you would like for example FreeX_Wireless 
    • For "Use" pick "Select Software" and pick "FreeX Thermal Printer"
    • Click "Add" and now the printer is added and you are ready to print wirelessly 


    What to do if the printer's WiFi disconnects frequently and you have to repeat the printer setup?

    The cause of this issue is that other devices are occupying the same IP address from your router. To solve this problem, we suggest manually assigning a fixed IP to your FreeX WiFi printer.

    1. Find correct IP address of your router.

    Please follow this link to check your router's IP address.

    Your goal is to locate the Sub Mask IP address and Gateway IP address of your router like below.

    The screenshot above is only for demonstration purpose, your router may have different Subnet Mask and Gateway IP address. Please follow this link to check your router's IP address.

    2. Connect your FreeX WiFi printer via USB connection.

    3. Open the FreeX WiFi Thermal Printer Tool software

    4. Open FreeX Setup and go to the Ethernet tab

    4.1 Select IP circle.

    4.2 Input the Sub Mask IP address you located in step 1.

    4.3 Input the Gateway IP address you located in step 1.

    4.4 Manually assign an IP address to your FreeX WiFi printer. (Detailed instructions below)

    Please note that

    • The first three numbers of the manually assigned IP address should be identical to the first three numbers of the Gateway IP address.
    • The fourth number is assigned by your own discretion, the valid range is 1-255. To better avoid the future conflicts from another device, we suggest you pick any number between 210 and 230.
    • For example: if your router's Gateway IP address is, you may assign your printer IP to

    4.5 Click Set button to assign it to your router. Wait a minute to get a confirmation label. If you didn't get a confirmation, please assign a different IP address.

    4.6 When you add your FreeX printer, use the manually assigned IP.