How to Print Shipping Label on iOS (iPhone/iPad) wirelessly?

For iOS 4x6 shipping label wireless printing

Please make sure you've configured the WiFi setting for your FreeX thermal printer from the first step of quick start guide, and then proceed.

    1: Download and Install the free third-party iOS print app "ELabel" 

    2: Get the Latest IP Address of FreeX Printer

    Turn the printer off and on, then the printer will beep. Within a minute a label should print out with the WiFi connection details, the printer is now connected to your WiFi. The information on the label gives you the IP address that will be used shorty

     3: Connect the FreeX printer to your iOS wirelessly

    Open the ELabel app, click "Bluetooth" or "WiFi"

    Click "WIFI" to add a new printer 

    A new window will pop up, in the "host" and "port", input the IP and Port from the printed piece of paper you got. Click "connect", it will show "Connection successful in the bottom.

    Click the "Setting" icon on the top right of home screen

    Make sure to set the Command Selection to "TSC", PDF Paper Width Height to "100*150", and Picture Compression Selection to "NO" as below.

    It's all set! You can then print labels from PDF or picture formats from instructions below.

    4.1: Print Labels from PDF Format

    All you need to do is to share the PDF file to the ELabel app.

    Then open the app, click "PDF Print" on the top left. Then select the PDF file you want to print.

    Click on the "Print" icon and wait for 5-15 seconds!

    A known app bug that affects a few iOS users: the PDF file may be printed out smaller than the full 4x6 size. (but the shipping label barcode is still scannable)

    In case you encounter any unexpected issue, you can always take screenshots of the PDF files and print from picture format as below.

    4.2: Print Labels from Picture Format

    Click "New Label" from app home screen.

    Make sure the "Label Width" and "Label Height" are "100" and "150".

    In the next window, click "Pictures" (Or you can explore other features)

    If you don't need to crop the picture, select "Not Clip", otherwise select "Clip"
    Once picture is imported, select it and drag the arrows to the resize it.
    To print it, select the "Print" icon and input the number of copies.
    Wait for 3-10 seconds (bigger sized picture may take more time), your label will be printed out wirelessly!
    Note: you may need to reconnect the printer if the printer is idle for a few minutes.